Best Foods For Muscle Recovery

It doesn’t matter how intense your training is, it’s imperative that you take your recovery seriously.

In addition, to getting plenty of sleep, one of the best ways to recover muscle is by eating foods that are rich in muscle-building proteins.

Below are our top foods that contribute to muscle recovery.

Foods rich in Protein:

Protein helps repair muscle and build muscle and there are a ton of ways to get protein in your diet.

Animal sources include beef, chicken, pork, and turkey; seafood includes tuna and salmon; and vegetable sources include soybeans and tofu.

There are also protein powders for people who don’t eat animal or seafood protein– these can be mixed into smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, etc.


Eggs provide a great source of protein with no carbohydrates or fat! Breakfast sandwiches with egg whites are a good option for breakfast on the go.

Greek Yogurt:

A great source of muscle-building protein, Greek yogurt is packed with casein protein that is the primary muscle-recovery ingredient.

Not only are these foods high in muscle-recovery ingredients but they are also low in fat and are very healthy while being convenient. However, it’s also possible to consume muscle-recovery foods that are high in fat if you are trying to lose weight.

Fish & Almonds:

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are present in fish and nuts, help muscle recovery due to their anti-inflammatory properties. However, they also contain fat so be sure not to overdo it.

Banana & Oatmeal:

These foods are muscle-recovery foods for their carbs and potassium content which is essential for muscle contraction and muscle growth after intense exercise.

They also contain slow-digesting fiber that will help you feel full longer and control blood sugar.

Beans & Brown Rice

These foods contain muscle-recovery carbs, lean protein, and fiber. They are also loaded with muscle-building iron which is essential for muscle recovery after intense training.

Honey & Grapes:

Muscle glycogen loss after intense exercise is what causes muscle fatigue and muscle pain. Post-workout foods that are high in muscle-recovery carbs help to replenish this muscle glycogen so you don’t feel fatigued. To prevent blood sugar spikes, it’s important to eat these foods at the right time– half an hour before or after your workout. Honey does not spike insulin levels like refined sugars so it can be consumed anytime of day!

Chocolate Milk:  

Milk is muscle-recovery food due to its muscle-building protein and muscle-repairing amino acids, but chocolate milk has an added edge because of the added carbs.

Chocolate milk is also a great drink for people lactose intolerant as it contains dairy proteins that are easily digested. If you are looking for muscle recovery foods low in fat/cholesterol, stick to low-fat or non-fat milk varieties.

Post Workout Snacks:

After intense training sessions your body’s glycogen stores are broken down which causes fatigue and muscle pain.

However, eating foods that replenish these muscle glycogen stores can help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after workouts! Stick with the following: fruits (grapes, apples, bananas), veggies (broccoli, carrots), dairy (yogurt), and whole grains (cereal).

Best muscle-recovery foods can help you feel more energized and recover muscle faster.

Take your muscle recovery seriously by eating muscle-recovery foods that are high in muscle-building proteins and muscle glycogen replenishing carbs.

Following these easy steps will ensure optimal muscle recovery after each workout– so you can get stronger and stay injury-free!

To recap: eat protein for muscle building; be aware of how much fat is in meat/seafood/poultry; eat carbs for muscle glycogen replenishment; eat Greek yogurt to strengthen muscles as it’s high in muscle-building protein; eat eggs for muscle recovery due to their muscle-building protein and muscle glycogen replenishing carbs. Eat fish/nuts to repair muscles, control blood sugar, help anti-inflammatory properties, and provide lean muscle-repairing proteins.

Eat bananas/oatmeal for muscle glycogen replenishment; eat beans/brown rice for muscle recovery due to their lean muscle-recovery proteins, muscle glycogen replenishing carbs, and slow digesting fiber.

Honey is used as a post workout food because it doesn’t spike insulin levels like refined sugars do—meaning that it can be eaten anytime of day! Chocolate milk contains dairy proteins that are easily digested but also contains muscle glycogen replenishing carbs. Add muscle building carbs to your muscle recovery foods after workouts by snacking on fruits/veggies/dairy/whole grains. And lastly, muscle recovery foods high in protein and muscle-building omega-3 fatty acids (fish/nuts) help muscle recover due to their muscle-building protein and muscle repairing enzymes.

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