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I live here I live here, am I
a steward?

Stewardship is a sense of lifelong, engaged learning about and caring for our surroundings, no matter where we live!
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Crane Where am I in my watershed?
Our watersheds connect us in every way. Did you know…here in mid-Michigan, we are linked directly with Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes?
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What Is my Sense of Place What is my sense of

Is your special place the river where you caught your fist fish? Is it your grandma’s old dock? Is it the woods behind the house where you grew up? Is it a favorite outdoor place locally that you visit today?
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Maps courtesy of US Army Corps of Engineers
The Grand River watershed
has several major tributaries, the Thornapple, the Maple, and the Flat Rivers, and many minor tributaries, including Sycamore Creek, the Looking Glass, the Rogue, and the Red Cedar Rivers.
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Watershed Boundries Elevation 1800 Land Crop Land
Circa 1800 Land
Riparian Buffer Land Cover Devloped